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    • berniea

      It brought tears to my eyes also (and no doubt to the 78% on John Campbells text survey just prior last night)
      Tears of sadness -the death of marriage as we know it and have known it for eons
      The death of balanced reporting-and balanced debate (Ali Mau celebrating on TV before it was voted on)
      Dishonouring of Helen Clark and the others who promoted Civil Union 10 years ago and said never would marriage of male female be affected
      How many genuinely holding an apposite view were interviewed by the media around the event? None. Job done. No waiata can heal the mortal wound to ‘one flesh’ marriage as ordained by nature and the Author of Life.
      Regardless, the call is to love homosexual, bi- sexual, hetero sexual, bi-sexual, trans-sexual equally and fully as individuals-and that will not cease

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