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[PHOTOS] #NYFW Ranbeeri Denim Celebrity Kickoff Honoring Lexz Pryde!

Star Branding Group, 47th & 7th Productions, Jahlookova, KBPR, Tomasso D'Onofrio, & Nikki Claudine all came together at No. 8 in NYC to present an unforgettable event for Ranbeeri Denim & honoring pop sensation Lexz Pryde!

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Rohan Marley joins pop sensation Lexz Pryde at No. 8 in New York City
Bernadette R. Giacomazzo / Via

Rohan Marley joins pop sensation Lexz Pryde at No. 8 in New York City

When #NYFW comes around, everyone pays attention, and this Fashion Week is no different. Pop sensation Lexz Pryde -- who's riding high on the success of this dope little ditty with Snoop Dogg called "Motivate" -- was honored by Ranbeeri Denim during their presentation at No. 8 in New York City.


Models displayed the latest of Ranbeeri's offerings as Lexz sang her songs, and celebrities such as Al B. Sure, Rohan Marley Uncle Murda, Kaylin Garcia (Love & Hip-Hop), The Indigo Twins, Priscilla Rainey (She's Got Game), and R. Marcos Taylor (Straight Outta Compton) looked on admirably. It was not unusual, too, to spot executives like Lynn Hobson talking shop with Penthouse photographer Scott Church, or Playboy model Amie Jo Heffner giving advice to up-and-comer Beka Sweet.

Rihanna was also in attendance at 2 A.M., and Amber Rose came early to send her well wishes.

The event went off without a hitch thanks to the concerted efforts of Star Branding Group & Andy Hilfiger, 47th & 7th Productions, Jahlookova, KBPR by B. Giacomazzo, Tomasso D'Onofrio, and Nikki Claudine De La Cruz.

Check out the pictures from the event at PR Photos and Corbis Images.

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