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  • Superman: Pride Of Middle East

    Too many “what if? ” has been asked and illustrated about Superman, but none of them imagined Superman landing on an eastern country. Well, USSR is an asian Empire but also a christian one. This serie of posters try to describe what could have been the political and societal use of Superman in the Muslim world. Let say that Kal-El was adopted by a couple of farmers in a muslim country, again in the late 30’s. Would the Muslims use him as an instrument of propaganda, like it was in America? Which kind of propaganda would it be? Would they name him Superman? You can imagine his childhood and his carrier by yourself. I’ve just wanted to introduce this character to you.

  • Mystery Solved

    We have talked about them for a while. We tried to find their secret identities. In this documentary, we will give you new clues! A new perspective! With our well-knowned team and our talented illustrators, after years of researches, we are spraying the fog around the masked vigilantes’ world.

  • The Legends VS The Heroes

    If we were living in an awesome world, we could assist to those kind of ultimate fights! Whatever… We still could dream them. Let the duels begin! “God gave me a great body and it’s my duty to take care of my physical temple.” -Jean Claude Van Damme

  • Oh, Hi!

    Oh, Hi! is just about as fresh and likeable as it sounds. A series of illustrations by Berk Senturk, it presents some pretty awkward meetings between superheroes and other famous pop culture icons. Some related and some not so, the pairings include: Edward Scissorhands and Wolverine, Marty McFly and the Terminator (early years), and Freddie Kruger and The Ghostbusters. Katrina Tan - Trendland

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