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    19 Truly Horrendous Kitchen Horror Stories From Hell

    "The mixer ripped off his skin and you could see his muscles."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most horrifying kitchen related disasters. Here are some of their responses.

    1. This perfectly valid excuse for a takeaway.

    "After moving out of my family home and trying to "adult" I thought it would be a good idea to try and cook spaghetti bolognese for the first time in my life. I didn't realise the spaghetti probably wouldn't be OK in such a small saucepan... I turned my back to watch what was on tv and when I checked in the Kitchen the spaghetti had melted over the side of the pan because of the heat. It had hit the flames and suddenly the whole lot had set on fire! I had takeaway that night."

    - Submitted by Charli Penny, Facebook.


    3. This eye-brow raising incident.

    "There was a time when I was a young line cook, unaware of the ways of the industrial stove, and was opening up by myself one morning. I had the brilliant idea of turning on all 10 burners at once to then light the pilot lights all at once. Not realising it would take me 30 seconds or so to find a lighter, the gas had plenty of time to gather in the atmosphere, and then BOOM! Largest ball of fire I've ever seen had exploded in my face. I didn't have eye brows for a week."

    - Submitted by Seth Prasser, Facebook.

    4. Fair Enough.

    "I was microwaving popcorn and the bag caught on fire so instead of throwing it in the sink I put it in the freezer."

    - Submitted by maegana44b9c1e1f


    6. This perfect depiction of karma.

    "When i was 18 i was trying to beat egg whites to make a meringue. After 10 minutes and not even a single bit of foam, I repeatedly hit the cooktop with the spatula and broke both. My brother was watching and he sneezed. I mistook it for a laugh and threw the spatula at him which cut his eyebrow completely open and I had to then rush him to the hospital. Upon coming back home i slipped onto the broken glass and cut my arm so I had to get to the hospital AGAIN. I am no longer allowed to make meringue."

    - Submitted by MovieMunchkin


    8. Literally SO romantic.

    "NOT mine but I remember being blown away by my friend’s romantic gesture. He made dinner for his girlfriend, which consisted of beef super noodles topped with canned tuna and chunks of apple. Yum!"

    - Submitted by Werkaholic


    10. School boy error right there guys.

    "Once in my high school culinary class, this group were melting chocolate in the microwave. Unbeknownst to them, you have to stir chocolate as it melts otherwise it stays in it's chocolate bar form. They just thought it wasn’t melting, so they kept cooking it and cooking it. They set the chocolate on fire, and the microwave completely exploded. The whole school had to evacuate and stay outside for several hours!"

    - Submitted by HankTheGreat

    11. Absolutely no shame in this at all.

    "Made a cake a few years back, recipe sounded like heaven in a bowl. Naturally I was so excited for that much sugar, so excited that I misread the cooking time. It was supposed to cool upside down. When I flipped it over a cascade of hot, barely cooked cake literally poured all over my hands. No shame in admitting I ate what I could off of my burnt hands and yes, it was delicious."

    - Submitted by Sara Anne, Facebook.


    13. This mother's day massacre.

    "I’m a pretty accomplished home baker, so every Mother’s Day I’d make my mom one of her favourite desserts. I had stayed up pretty late the night before talking to some guy, so I was really tired. Not wanting to make anything too intensive, I decided to make key lime pie. As I was pulling the pie pan out of the oven I tripped on the rug, burnt my arm on the oven door, and dropped the pie all EVERYWHERE including on me. I had HOT, limey custard dripping down my shirt. I just stayed on the ground and started crying, partly from pain, partly from tiredness, and of course embarrassment. My brothers rushed in and laughed at my predicament while my mom started clean up the mess up. There was a little bit of pie left in the pan, so she ended up eating 'deconstructed key lime pie' while I ended up with minor burn scars on my arm and my chest."

    -Submitted by maryannab


    15. Yikes!

    "It was my first time making jello, so of course I chose cherry flavour. I read the instructions on the side of the box - add boiling water, stir until dissolved. Anyway who wants to stir it when there are Tupperware shakers? Let’s just say, I learned a valuable physics lesson in steam. Yep, the top epically EXPLODED and boiling hot, cherry red liquid Jello shot all over my parent’s pristine white ceiling! They nearly killed me. I’m glad to be alive!"

    - Submitted by darcydelichc

    16. This interesting cooking ingredient.

    "Our washer and dryer were in our kitchen and my beautiful bestie thought the bleach was the Costco sized bottle of cooking oil. She sautéed peanuts for kung pao chicken in a QUARTER CUP OF BLEACH and didn’t realise the mistake. Thank God I came running when I smelled frying bleach!"

    - Submitted by Half Blood Princess


    18. This series of unfortunate events.

    "My first year of grad school, my roommate and I were trying to make a chicken lime corn salad. We both were pretty new at cooking but this was a HUGE fail (major stupidity on both of our parts): My job was to fry tortilla strips as a topping for the salad (yes we tried to be fancy). I asked my roommate if using a plastic spoon would be okay in the hot oil and she said yes. The spoon then melts in the oil, so we wanted to start over. My roommate proceeds to get a plastic bag and dump the hot oil into it (I didn’t object to this and obviously I should have). The oil disintegrated the bag and landed straight on my foot. I scream in pain, my roommate gives me the pan and starts dumping water on my foot. I put the pan down and then it catches fire. At the end of it all, we have a ruined pan, lettuce strewn everywhere, oil and water all over the floor and a second degree burn on my left foot. I couldn’t wear real shoes for a week, and still have a scar to this day. However, I always get to say I burned my foot making salad."

    - Submitted by bnrecker

    19. Oh HELL NO!

    "One day on my first culinary internship, the sous chef was mixing up a cake for dessert and something dropped into the mixer bowl, he absentmindedly reached in to grab it without turning the mixer off. Thankfully another chef quickly unplugged the mixer but the sous chef's hand and lower arm was completely fucked. The mixer ripped off his skin and you could see his muscles. We had to shut the restaurant down for the day to be cleaned."

    - Submitted by juliaa12

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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