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    Posted on Sep 22, 2016

    21 Of The Absolute Most British Problems Ever

    Shit, there's no tables free in Wetherspoon's.

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    1. When you forget to make a cup of tea to coincide with your fave show.

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    And you can't make it through the show without one.

    2. When your "Bag for life" does this.

    Bag for life? I've only had it 2 minutes and it's ripped! #britainincrisis

    "Bag for life" my ass!

    3. When Wetherspoon's is too busy and you can't get a table.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    No cheap beer for you.

    4. When you're forced to pay £2.50 for a 99 ice cream.

    Flickr: distillated / All Creative Commons

    And extra for a flake.

    5. When you just miss The Great British Bake Off and then remember there's no BBC +1.

    BBC / Via

    CBA to go on iPlayer.

    6. When you literally can't break your Terry's Chocolate Orange.

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    7. When you have to join the permanently massive queue in Primark.

    Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    I only came in for a pair of pants.

    8. When there's a stand-in for Lorranie Kelly on Lorraine.

    ITV / Via

    Don't waste my time Amanda.

    9. When you don't make it home in time for The Chase.

    ITV / BuzzFeed / Via

    "For you, the chase is over."

    10. When you're forced to say "fries" instead of "chips".

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    "Fish and fries." NO!

    11. When you get to the till and realise you have an item that's not included in the meal deal.

    But you're too awkwardly British to go back and swap it.

    12. When you start hearing bonfire night fireworks in October.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    EARLY October.

    13. When you make the mistake of buying a new brand of tea bags because they're on offer.


    You can bet your life they won't be pyramid shape.

    14. When I'm A Celebrity starts and you realise how many Iceland adverts you'll have to watch.

    Iceland / Via

    15. And the christmas ones are even more ridiculous.

    Iceland / Via

    16. When you watch Don't Tell The Bride and the bride is still shocked when the groom's got her a shit dress.

    Sky TV / Via

    Have you never seen the show before going on it?!

    17. When you already know your Nando's order on arrival but, have to wait for someone else to decide what they want.

    18. When you get a ridiculous substitute in your online shop.

    In what world @asda is woman's deodorant and sausage casserole a substitute for toothpaste and baked beans?!!

    Somebody stop this madness.

    19. When you burn your mouth on your Gregg's chicken bake.

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    The filling is essentially molten lava.

    20. But also when your Gregg's sausage roll is freezing cold.

    They're "not allowed" to heat them up. :(

    21. And finally, when you realise Mary Berry's leaving The Great British Bake Off.

    BBC / Via

    It's the end of the world as we know it. :(

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