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    Posted on Oct 21, 2016

    I Tried Women's Beauty Products To Prove That We Should All Use Whatever We Damn Want

    Warning: Contains extremely shiny selfies.

    Hello, I’m Ben.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    Here's a photo of me, trying to look ~cool~ but clearly only achieving 'miserable'.

    When buying grooming/beauty products I usually stick to the men’s section, but I’ve always wondered, is there actually much difference between products marketed exclusively for men, and the ones exclusive to women?

    There doesn't seem to be, but according to marketing, there are products intended only for MEN and only for WOMEN. Why is this the case? Because that’s what the asshole world tells us. I swapped out my ~manly~ products for ones sold exclusively in the women’s sections and here’s what I discovered.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    Mitchum Women: Flower Fresh £2.00

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    As I live my life as a walking, talking, sweat machine, I was particularly intrigued to discover if the Mitchum women's deodorant would work, or if my beastly pits would even register that I'd put the deodorant on at all.

    For the most part of the day, I was as dry as a bone. I rode my bike to work several times during the week and water did not stream from under my arms like a small garden water feature.

    And bonus points for the fact that I smelt like a fresh meadow all week long, which I was pretty into.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    At times I can find the scent of my ~manly~ deodorant overwhelming. It reminds me of being in my year 8 school changing room, which is not a pleasant throwback. If anyone says it is, then they're a dirty liar.

    Mitchum was flower fresh as promised. However, I did find that after a long and busy day, I began to smell less daisy, more lazy.

    Just like the male equivalent, this deodorant wouldn't rank on the top of my anti-perspirant list and I wouldn't buy it again. Probably because I need industrial-strength 600-hour protection. But I did actually prefer the "womanly" scent. I didn’t have any aftershave on either and a friend even said I smelt nice. RESULT!

    For anyone out there who doesn't tend to sweat much and who isn't too keen on overpowering man smells, this is the one for you.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    Nivea: Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel £1.57

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    My next product was the Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Wash Gel, which again I found in the ladies section of Boots. My normal face wash says MEN EXPERT on it, so I was interested to see if there was actually any difference in these face washes at all. OH GOD, will I still feel like I'm being looked out for by a ~man expert~?!

    The Nivea face wash assured me I would “see and feel beautiful skin” – whereas my usual face wash basically just bangs on about how it will wake me up.

    Another thing I noticed was that my men's face wash doesn't mention anything about skin types like the Nivea one does. I've noticed it's something that most men's products rarely feature. We have different skin types too right?

    I used the Nivea face wash for a week and I loved it.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    It smelt really nice and had me feeling fresh faced all day long. Plus my skin was smoother than a baby's bum.

    I find that it works much better on my skin than my ~manly~ face wash does. It feels less harsh and always leaves my face feeling well clean. I recommend to everyone! Since my trial I have continued to use this great product.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    Boots Botanics: Radiance Balm All Bright £2.50

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    This one I was particularly excited to try. I don't actually use a face cream. I usually just use a moisturiser that I apply pretty much everywhere. I have nothing exclusive to my face. I have however, always been slightly envious of the endless number of face creams and "brightening" products advertised for women.

    Tell me, WHY the hell can’t I have a bright face?

    Well I wanted a bright face and no one can stop me, so I got me some Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm.

    It said on the bottle that it would provide my skin with an instant pick-me-up effect. Yeeeeeees.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    After showering I cracked open the bottle. Unaware of how much I actually needed in order to achieve my dream, I squeezed out what I thought was the perfect amount.

    It wasn’t until my boyfriend asked why I was sweating so much that I realised I’d maybe been a little too generous during application.

    I was shining like a disco ball and looked like I’d just completed a marathon.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    I wanted that glow though.

    When reapplied (correctly lol) the next day the results were actually pretty good. This face cream really does give your skin a lift when you're feeling a little on the ropey side, which happens to ALL OF US. A pea sized amount later and my cheekbone game was as strong as Spike’s from Buffy.

    I've carried on using this product and I’d definitely recommend a small amount to ANYONE out there looking to give their skin a little bit of a boost. However, apply sparingly because honestly if you don’t, you’ll just look really, really wet.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    Wilkinson Sword: Quattro For Women £6.99

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    After only ever using a male branded razor, I thought it would be interesting to see if this ~exclusively female~ marketed one would be at all any different from anything else I've used.

    And what a lovely razor it was. It was smooth shave, it was easy to use, and a lovely peachy/orange colour that I loved. But remember guys, men are NOT ALLOWED anything but blue!

    The differences between this product and my male alternative were very, very few.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed / Logo TV

    It did exactly the same job as my ~manly~ razor. I still had a smooth face when done and afterwards, I felt miraculously unchanged by the whole experience. Can you actually believe it?!

    However, one difference I did notice was the fact that the lovely women’s shaver came with an amazing suction holder, so you can stick it to your shower wall. Do I have a convenient place to store my ~manly~ razors? No, I do not!

    I don't shave too often as, like many guys, I like to have a little bit of stubble. Without it I look like a really tall 8-year-old. However, I have continued to use this razor when I need a tidy up, plus it looks mighty fine on my shower wall.

    Why are these things even branded for both genders?

    Honestly, a razor is a just a razor. I thought it was great and I will definitely go for one of these again.

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    Toni & Guy: Creative Stick It Up Gum £7.49

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    The giant tidal wave of hair on my head can be difficult to maintain. With so many products for hair it’s actually pretty hard to find that perfect one.

    My hair can get pretty dry, so I find it hard to get a good balance with products. I either end up smothering so much on I look like a wet-haired '90s boy band reject or I end up having hair that looks like it could crumble into dust if you touched it.

    Normally I use VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay which works pretty well in my hair, but only if I use a teeny tiny amount.

    So for my alternative I went with Toni & Guy's Creative Stick It Up Gum which I picked up from the women's section (ofc).

    Ben White / BuzzFeed

    The gum was really great for my hair and smelt amazing. Not womanly, not manly, just goddamn NICE.

    I recommend to women, men, babies, dogs – we can all use this product!

    I'm definitely going to use this hair gum again. It is just as good as my existing hair product but personally I think it smells much nicer.

    Here are some things I learned:

    The products I chose to use for this experiment worked so well. I have continued to use every single one of them, apart from the deodorant, and that's only because of my excessive sweaty armpits from hell.

    Here's the low-down of everything I discovered:

    1. Nearly every product for men reassures them about how manly they are. Women’s products tell them how beautiful they'll look if they use the product. There is basically no in-between.

    2. There is also a lot more information for women out there when it comes to finding which product is right for you.

    3. It doesn’t matter at all whether something has a man on it or a woman on it. If you want to use a blue razor, use a blue razor. If you want to use a pink razor, use a damn pink razor.

    We shouldn't be afraid to use products ~intended~ for the opposite sex; you may be surprised with what you find that could be perfect for you.

    4. But most importantly, YOU DO YOU.

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