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    24 Incredible Britney Looks We Must Never Ever Forget

    Hit me baby... as many times as you'd like actually.

    1. When she experimented with tie-dye.

    Chris Weeks / Getty Images

    Complete with matching red tint tights.

    2. When her trousers lit up the world.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    And our hearts.

    3. When she looked funeral fascinator fierce.

    Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

    And killed us with this look.

    4. When her corset was obviously ruined by some sort of wild dog.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    But she completely rocked it anyway!

    5. When she aced this leather and lace look.

    Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

    And a belt that was slightly too low to be at all practical, but we loved it.

    6. When she wore this peachy pink leather cap.

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    Brit was definitely a fan of hats, which ofc we totally supported.

    7. When she decided to give trilbies a spin.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    FYI not everyone can pull off a trilby like this.

    8. And again.

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    It became nothing short of iconic.

    9. But then changed it up with this grey felt beauty.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    Giving you variety.

    10. When she wore this fabulous shawl.

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

    Yay for shawls!

    11. She really loved a shawl.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    She clearly had a collection.

    12. Look how excited she is about this shawl!

    Brenda Chase / Stringer / Getty Images

    And who can blame her?!

    13. Oh and finally this much fancier shawl.

    Lucy Nicholson / AFP / Getty Images

    Looking like an actual angel.

    14. When she was all biker chick in some sexy leather.

    Mark Mainz / Getty Images

    She does love rock 'n' roll after all.

    15. When she proved she could model with any accessory.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    Actually living for those gloves.

    16. When she was casual on the bottom but glam on top.

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    Those are some very handy pockets.

    17. When once again she wore a garment that was completely wrecked.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    God don't you just hate it when that happens to jumpers?!

    18. When she was feeling green.

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

    And wore an amazing, and possibly hand woven, skirt.

    19. When she served some metallic realness.

    Brenda Chase / Stringer / Getty Images

    Robot Brit here to take over our world <3

    20. When she tucked her cardi into five denim belts.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    No one does denim like our Brit.

    21. When she decided that the denim belts were just not enough.

    Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

    ICONIC. Side note - Brit and Justin 4 ever :(

    22. When she wore some tinted specs.

    Getty Images

    Doing '90's better than anyone else ever could.

    23. When her hair was EVERYTHING.

    Lee Celano / AFP / Getty Images

    And she knew it.

    24. And when she was proud to be an American.

    Donald Miralle / Allsport

    And looked super amazing doing it.


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