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The 13 Horrifying Christmas Trolls Of Iceland

They leave the nice children gifts and the naughty children ROTTING POTATOES.

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Officially called Yule Lads, these terrifying creatures visit the children of Iceland on the 13 days before Christmas. Children leave their shoes on the window sill and, if the child was well-behaved, the Yule Lads would stuff them with gifts. But If they were naughty, they stuff them with rotting potatoes. This is real Icelandic lore and you can learn more about it here.


4. Þvörusleikir (Spoon Licker)

This sticky-fingered troll steals wooden spoons for the purpose of licking them. He's easily identified by his malnourished appearance.

Fear Level: Waking up right before your alarm goes off.

6. Askasleikir (Bowl Licker)

Not to be confused with Spoon Licker or Pot Licker, Bowl Licker hides under your bed until you put your bowl down. Then he steals it and then, presumably, licks it.

Fear Level: Waiting for test results.


11. Gáttaþefur (Doorway Sniffer)

Easily identified by his abnormally large nose, Doorway Sniffer uses his acute sense of smell to find Laufabrauo, a traditional Icelandic bread.

Fear Level: Sniff-testing the milk.