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Things You Can Learn About Eating From Jennifer Lawrence

We're starving.

It has been made clear to the world that Jennifer Lawrence is an eating role model. Here are some of the lessons she has taught us.

1. Eating can be the best thing that happens to you today!

2. It is always important to tell people when you are hungry.

3. It is always disappointing when you think you are about to eat...and you have to wait.

4. You should not forget to eat.

Otherwise you may not have the strength to carry on with your day!

5. That it is "annoying" for society to tell you what to eat all the time.

6. When people tell you that you're eating too much, make this face:

7. MANY things taste better than "skinny."

8. There is no inappropriate time for eating.

9. You should not be judged by what you eat.

10. If you don't eat, you can get grumpy.

11. It is disappointing when you win something that is not food.

12. Make sure you know where food is at all times.

13. It is OK to eat at your own pace.

14. Eat what makes you happy.

15. No matter how much you have eaten, dessert is always necessary!

16. Eating is sexy.

17. REMEMBER: Drinking is important too.

Get. It.

Stay hungry, Jennifer!