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33 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Dancing Abilities

You're not as bad at dancing as you think! Here are some examples of things you would never be caught doing on the floor.

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1. You would never try this move.

2. You would not dance on slippery surfaces.

3. You regularly dance without a Bat Cape and with a shirt.

4. You never threaten innocent animals with your moves.

5. You rock moves outside of your mom's bedroom.

6. You find age appropriate dance partners.

7. You are not Lady Gaga with vertigo.

8. You look happy when you twerk in front of a VCR.

9. You dress appropriately when you dance.

10. You are not dancing on ice.

11. You are not dancing in a Snuggie in the wilderness.

12. You only attempt moves that you know.

13. You are 'appropriate' in your moves.

14. see above.


15. You take your medications before hitting the floor.

16. You do not see your moves as a mode of transportation.

17. You are not grinding a mirror.

18. You are not roundhouse kicking your dance partner.

19. You generally take your tie off.

20. Your 'crew' does not do this in the middle of the street.

21. You are not dancing in the Jersey Shore.

22. You don't typically body-slam people you're dancing with.

23. You dance on floors that are attached to the ground.

24. You dance in safe, open spaces.

25. You don't break your face when you dance.

26. You regularly stay on your feet!

27. You seldom break furniture with your moves.

28. You regularly do not point when you dance.

29. You're not Daggering someone off a cliff.

30. You don't kick holes in the wall.

31. Finally: You are not in the 'Friday' video.

32. Not you.

33. Get her to the hospital...NOW.

And if you do dance like the above individuals, Buzzfeed recommends a lesson from Charlie Brown: Shoulders up, head side to side.

But in the end we know you're just going to Buzz Lightyear.

So just keep doing your thing. But be safe!