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34 Things That Taste Like Your Childhood

Yabba Dabba Do.

34. The ever colorful, always trendy FRUIT STRIPE GUM.

Stare deeply into that rainbow.

The flavor lasted exactly .041 seconds after hitting your mouth.

33. Flintstones Push Pops.

32. Tongue Splashers Gum

31. Orbitz bubbles drink with gummy bubbles from SPACE.

30. Hidden Valley Taco, Nacho or Pizza Ranch with all the colors of health.

And their trippy comercial where kids turn into tacos.

View this video on YouTube / Via

29. Dannon Sprinkl'ins yogurt.

28. This chemical concoction.

Or this one.

27. Chocolate Quick.

Or anything that left chocolate milk in the bowl.

26. Push Pop

Or if you just wanted the world to burn.

25. Pizza Lunchables.

24. Any of these:

23. Happy Meals without apples or milk.

And with these amazing toys.

Or these from Mario 3.


22. This kiddie cocaine.

"They'll burst all over your mouth."

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21. Bubble Tape!


Or Trix pops?

20. Life Savers holes!

19. Doritos finds a new dimension of TASTE.

18. Pink Swimmingo ... the greatest flavor ever.

17. Dunk-a-roos.

16. Hi-C Ecto Cooler, R.I.P.

15. Cheetos Paws.

They kind of looked like this:

14. Berry Berry Kix.

13. Honey Comb.

"You can see AND hear it!"

12. Cereal made from candy.



And you would eat it like Jessie Pinkman.

11. The greatest food utensil EVER CONCEIVED BY MAN.

10. Shark Bites with the too many lame white ones.


8. Ring Pop. Wearable candy. The creation of the gods.

7. You knew the day was looking up when you got one of these in your lunch bag.


Remember their spooky Halloween comercial?

View this video on YouTube / Via

5. Any microwavable meal with a gooey, delicious brownie.

4. When you were allowed a hot pocket because you had to go to practice.

3. Juice in a barrel.

2. Anything that came out of this glorious baking lightbulb contraption:

1. This sticky mess.

And this was your dream.

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