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22 Animals That Are Way Too Smart For Their Own Good

Who is the master?

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Do you ever get the impression that animals are smarter than you think?

1. Like the dog who can tuck himself in.

2. Or the raccoon who can help himself to a beer.

3. The bulldog who can make a bubble bath.

4. Or the sheep dog smart enough to get across this stream.

5. And the bear who knows how to jam.

6. The pug that can find you upstairs.

7. The duck who learned how to slide.

8. And the goat that learned even more.

9. The cat who navigated this fence.

10. The owl who hitched a ride.

11. And the goose that did the same.

12. The camel who showed those brats a lesson.

13. Or the kitten who can get what it wants.

14. The baby Panda who scaled the Great Wall of the crib.

15. Or this brilliant cat and dog dream team.

16. The dog who knows how to get his food chewed for him.

17. The tiger who knows how to deal with annoying bros.

18. The Lab who is an aerobics instructior.

19. The Golden Lab who can go cross-eyed on command.

20. And the cow that should be in the olympics.

21. The crow who can feed his friends.

22. Or The squirrel who can tend bar?

All the animals above are all like:

And we are all like:

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