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    19 Cheerleaders Who May Not Make The Team Next Year

    Rah! Rah! Ouch.

    1. The non-supportive teammate.

    2. The unfortunate speller.

    3. The dangerous flyer guy.

    4. The girl who runs into the wall.

    5. The extra backflip girl.

    6. The girl who decides to swim instead of cheer.

    7. These non supportive bases.

    8. The back-side flop girl.

    9. The girl who stunts where she shouldn't.

    10. The flirt.

    11. This guy who does not know where the blowers are.

    12. The directionally challenged.

    Like this one...

    ...and this one...

    ...and this one...

    ... and this one.

    13. The sideways flyer.

    14. The person who caused this cluster.

    15. This poor girl learning about astroturf.

    16. The knee bender.

    17. The girl who threw the shocker on national TV.

    18. The off-balance girl.

    Poor off-balance girl.

    19. And this guy from Croatia.

    But there are two people we think should be on every cheer team:

    GO TEAM!