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6 Characters From Different Shows That Are Perfect For Each Other (Part 1)

Characters that weren't in shows together, but were totally meant to be.

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Joey Tribbiani (Friends) & Erin Hannon (The Office) / Via Wikipedia
They could have totally dated.

They could have totally dated.

They're both as playful as children:

But they both can have a temper:

And let's face it, they're both a little stupid:

Roy Trenneman (The IT Crowd) & April Ludgate (Parks & Recreation)

They're both anti-social:

They both hate being out and active:

And they both hate work:

Dean Winchester (Supernatural) & Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

For starters, they've both died...a couple of times.

And been to Hell...

Sort of.

They both have saved the world....a lot.


And they're both totally badass!

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