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Senior Year, As Told By The Grinch

Because college probably makes you a little...Grinchy.

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It's senior year and you're super excited

Yay, decorate the house and hang out with everyone

But soon you start avoiding your responsibilities

Tbh, I've had severe senioritis since like the first week of Freshman year. Future? What future?

You realize you're poor and start splitting food with your roommates

How many of these Pringles are yours?

Your life starts collapsing

Usually alcohol-induced

You even have to schedule some "me time"

Who needs sanity anyway?

You keep hoping for some "special guests" so you try to clean your room

What floor?

But you keep finding yourself disappointed


But it's chill. You're fine. Until you realize that nothing fits right anymore

Damn all those Pringles

And now, oh great, you have to start looking for a post-grad job

Ain't nobody got time for that

It's also time to get rid of all those inappropriate pictures you have on social media

Spring Break 2014? Yikes

While you're at it, why not change your Facebook name

John John Johnson

It might be time to try and save your GPA, too

They'll hire me with a 2.2 right?

Things are bleak and the future is dark


But that's alright, because suddenly, everything you hate you start to love! WHAT?

OHHH Philosophy of Law, I think I'll miss you the most

And in the end, everyone rallies around their hatred of leaving school

K I'll leave now; lol jk staying right here

Because after all, senior year never really happened, did it?

Bye Felicia.

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