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Grumpy Cat Has An Odor Eliminator

This is an officially endorsed Grumpy Cat odor spray that launched earlier today. It looks to be absolutely real, and the perfect gift for all my aunts this holiday season.

Benlashes 5 years ago

Skrillex And Nyan Cat Have A Shirt Together

Finally concert tees are cool again!

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Raps On The Bus

Scumbag Thursdays can't stop, won't stop.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Nyan Cat Toys Are Coming

It's official. Nyan Cat signed a toy deal with Jakks Pacific and has product hitting the shelves this fall. The Internet can die happy now.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Raps On A Car

He also raps on train tracks and throws a Slurpee at a tree. Classic.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Goes To The Mall

For this week's #ScumbagThursday Blake Boston AKA Scumbag Steve hit The Galleria. Somehow it's just how I pictured it would be.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Takes Manhattan

Oh shit. Scumbag Steve has a hit song featuring PRGuitarman.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Weezed The Juice

Scumbag Steve just became the Pauley Shore of our generation.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Vote For The Webby Awards "Meme Of The Year"

What was the Meme Of The Year? BuzzFeed is partnering with the Webby Awards to let you choose your favorite. Get your vote on and make sure you watch The Webbys streaming LIVE on May 21st to see who wins.

The Webby Awards 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Has A New Rap Song

I really can't say much without ruing except saying I'll be playing this all weekend long.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Performs Live With Chuck Testa At Roflcon

Blake Boston AKA Scumbag Steve performed his new single "Scumbag Steve Overture" live for the first time Saturday at ROFLCon 3. Even Chuck Testa, Antoine Dodson, and Naked Dave join the circus.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Scumbag Steve Has A Rap Song

Blake Boston AKA Scumbag Steve is apparently releasing a new song every week on "Scumbag Thursdays". Today he released the first single, "Scumbag Steve Overture" as a video and 24 hour free download at

Benlashes 7 years ago

Crazy Sunroof Lady

Yesterday the heat broke records in Portland, OR, making some people do insane things to celebrate.

Benlashes 7 years ago

Celebrate 4/20 With Nyan Cat

The official Nyan Cat site has a special surprise today for all you stoners!

Benlashes 7 years ago

Nyan Cat Turns One Year Old, Throws Boozy Birthday Party

And fortunately BuzzFeed was invited. The Pop Tarted internet sensation debuted a year ago, and 21st Street Games — publishers of Nyan Cat Adventure — threw a brightly colored soiree. The guest of honor was Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres, whose iconic animation was originally Youtubed on April 5th, 2011.

Gavon Laessig 7 years ago

You're Invited To Nyan Cat's Birthday Party

21st Street Games is hosting a birthday party, commemorating the day Nyan Cat was born to YouTube.

21stGames 7 years ago

Keyboard Cat Is Now A Toy

Finally the dream is a reality!

Benlashes 7 years ago

Top 10 Nyan Cats

In celebration of the new iOS release Nyan Cat Adenture, here are the top 10 Nyan Cats as picked by PRGuitarMan..

Benlashes 7 years ago


It seems the REAL Keyboard Cat is getting tired of all the imposters on Twitter. Keyboard Cat posted this picture and Tweet today asking the big-wigs to verify his account. Use #VerifyKeyboardCat today if you support the cause!

Benlashes 7 years ago

Happy Valen-Nyans Day

I thought Valentines Day was dumb until I found this Nyan cat Valentines Day video, and cards that you can actually buy! I'm going to fall asleep to this video from now on.

Benlashes 7 years ago