The 22 Most Annoying Stages Of Doing A Group Project

Yes, I would love to work with a group of random people I barely know.

1. When the groups are pre-assigned.

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2. When someone wants to get it done WAY in advance.

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3. When someone announces that they have a “crazy schedule” and can’t meet up.

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4. When one person is too into their own terrible ideas.

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5. Group Texts? Really?

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6. When someone asks you to do something unnecessary.

7. When someone wants to become best friends.

8. When people have never used Google Docs.

9. When someone is literally unreachable.

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10. When someone has some crazy obsession and won’t stop talking about it.

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11. When someone volunteers your group to go first.

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12. When someone wants to meet up on a saturday night.

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13. When someone cancels last minute and everyone loses it.

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14. When the person who has done the least work complains about anything at all.

15. When your teacher wants to meet privately with your group.

16. When someone threatens to give someone a bad evaluation.

17. When someone wants to practice the presentation over and over again with everyone ever.

18. When you give your presentation and someone literally can’t do it.

19. Especially when that was the person who wanted to practice so much.

20. When you finish your presentation and someone in the class ACTUALLY asks a question.

21. When someone says “WE did it!”

22. When your teacher announces the next group project.

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