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The 18 Things You Do When You Didn't Study For A Test

I didn't even open the book.

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1. You ask everyone around you if they studied, hoping they didn't study either.

2. You tell people that you "like, barely studied."

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3. When in reality, you didn't even open the book.

4. You test your eraser, because you're definitely going to make mistakes.

5. You try to come up with ways to fake out the scantron machine.

6. You calculate the lowest grade you can possibly get, and it's actually comforting.

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7. You tell people that you "don't even care" if you pass.

8. You convince yourself that this test doesn't define how smart you are.

9. You decide that getting one A and one F is just like getting two Cs, and you're fine with that.

10. You look through the whole test before you start, to see if you actually remember anything.

11. And you realize that you don't know any of it.

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12. You hope that your teacher won't walk around the room.

13. And if the teacher stands behind you, you simply do not move.

14. You make sure you don't turn in your test too early or too late.

15. You turn in your test and immediately text your friend in the class and ask them if the teacher even went over that in class.

16. You convince yourself that it's fine because you'll study more for the next one.

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17. You don't mention to anyone that you ever had a test.

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18. Then you go out and party with your friends because you somehow deserve it.

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