The 15 Things That Chicken Nugget Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing

You know who you are….

1. “You know there’s no nutritional value in those right?”

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Do you honestly think I’m in this for the nutrition?

2. “What part of the chicken do chicken nuggets come from?”

It’s an insulting question. Nuggets are created by god.

3. “Have you ever seen Supersize Me?”

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Of course I have seen Supersize Me. It made me want to eat chicken nuggets…

4. “I haven’t had fast food in I can’t even remember how long.”

Stop it.

5. “I don’t understand why anyone would order 20 chicken nuggets.”

Because for 30 more cents I can look like the nicest person EVER.

6. “Can I just have one?”

7. “Do you know how they make those?”

Yes. Shut up.

8. “How can they even make those so cheap?”

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You’re not making any sense.

9. “You should try chicken nuggets with ____ sauce next time.”

I have been eating chicken nuggets my whole life. You think I don’t know which sauce I like?

10. “I always feel so disgusting after I eat chicken nuggets.”


11. “There’s nothing in chicken nuggets that provides sustainable energy.”

…yes there is.

12. “They’re just SO bad for you.”

Great. Whatever.

13. “How many chicken nuggets do you think you could eat in one sitting?

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Millions. I could eat millions.

14. “I could never eat that many chicken nuggets.”

Then don’t!

15. “I think eating chicken nuggets is fine…. every now and then”

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