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The 15 Thoughts Every Californian Had During The Napa Earthquake

This could be the big one!

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1. What the hell is waking me up right now?

2. Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!

3. This could be the big one!!!

4. *Has brief memory of ducking and covering in school*

5. Am I honestly actually about to get under something?

6. Am I going to need to put on pants?

7. This is kind of taking a long time....

8. Wait... this COULD be the big one!

9. But that California pride that is too real

10. Does everyone know about this?

11. I better tell everyone on facebook just in case

12. Oh. Yes. Everyone ever knows.

13. Okay, yeah. I'll just scroll through all these status updates

14. Aww.... look at California all coming together right now

15. Okay, I'm over it I'm going to sleep

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