• BenJB

      I’m not quite sure how Secretary Clinton did any hammering…this wasapathetic display of partisan politics, with dems spending half of their time praising clinton for her work (which has been extraordinary for the most part),and the other half asking why more money hasn’t been allocated. Meanwhile, the so called hammering of republicans? Seriously? She got grilled likeapanini….she lashed out in anger and frustration AND STILL didn’t answer the questions posed to her. Saying you accept responsibility and actually accepting it and being forthright and proactive to prevent these things from happening are two totally different things. The rep senators didn’t do themselves any favors by asking the same questions….how about some creativity and insight as to how we can modify these processes rather than bludgeoning the fact that this administration bumbled and completely mishandled the publicizing of this tragedy…we get it, you hate Obama and his affiliates. Move forward and better this country, that’s what you’re elected to do.

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