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25 Photos That Prove These Gays Love Boxed Wine More Than You Do

For a group of New York friends, Trader Joe's Block Red Shiraz is more than just a cheap way to get drunk. It's a form of artistic expression.

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1. This is Trader Joe's Block Red Shiraz

It contains a whopping 4 bottles of red wine and sells for only $12.

2. This is Rishi and Matt. And they love Block Red Shiraz.

The New Yorkers love this cheap little delight so much they started to Instagram themselves drinking it

3. What started off as a fun night between best friends...

4. ...quickly turned into a strange and wonderful Instagram surprise.

Hey bae. It's bae.

5. They started to invite along guests.

6. And they started to work with props.

So butch.

7. Sometimes the Block was the prop.

8. They got creative with angles.

9. And took classic portraits.


10. OK, maybe not that classic.

11. Sometimes they drink while watching So You Think You Can Dance.

12. And try out their own dance moves.

13. Hot. Tamale. Train.

So graceful! So wine!

14. And if all else fails, there are always fans.

Yes, mama.

15. They love a good triptych.

16. And a little glitz.


17. Block Wine goes great with Mean Girls references.

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

18. Sometimes they work with costumes.

RuPaul's Drag Race is much more fun when you play along at home.

19. Sometimes they drink to celebrate Gay Pride.

20. When there is nothing good on, they make up their own TV shows.

...and that's the way they became the shady bunch!

21. Then there was the time they dressed like emojis.

One reason everyone should own a pink bedsheet.

22. Or the time they discovered Perfect 365.

It's an app that will make you so beautiful!

23. And thanks to them, we now know the joys of the Beauty Plus leg extension feature.

Go make yourself taller now.

24. We love their photos so much, we're sad when they miss a week.

Trader Tears.

25. One things is for sure: their photos leave us dreaming sweet Block Wine dreams!

And to all a goodnight!

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