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    • benjaminr4d5ffd95c

      Dear (name redacted),
      Your profile caught my eye, and you’re clearly someone worth getting to know. However, I am about as proficient at writing these letters as a sack full of blind hedgehogs is at recreating the masterpieces of Monet. Though as they try for their efforts, I too hope that I can leave an impression on you. You seem an interesting, and lovely lady, and I think we would have a splendid time together over a cup of tea, or perhaps playing with Dali’s at a museum. I’d love to hear from you if you feel similarly.
      (Name redacted) ^explanation^ Yup, I write dating site responses in a word processor and then copy them to the site. Nope, I don’t expect to see a response from this one, which is sad because it really is one of my better works of late.

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