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    • benjaminpeterb

      Calling Miley Cyrus out on these issues is NOT slut shaming. for all i know, she has sex with no one, or she could have sex with millions of men, i have no idea. I object to her behaviour on the grounds that her nude performances aren’t about anything other than appealing to the male gaze, to being objectified. That is anti-feminist. There is nothing productive in the feminist movement about making cash from objectifying yourself, whether you’re aware you’re doing it or not. This article assumes correctly that women should be allowed to walk around nude if they want to and it shouldn’t be a big deal. However, it also assumes that what Miley is doing will in someway further that cause or goal, however that isn’t what Miley is engaging in, she is engaging in the casual objectification of herself by becoming what she has been taught men want to see. There is nothing feminist about that and this article is not only poor, but potentially dangerous.

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