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    5 Misguided Google Branding Options Worse Than Google Babel

    For all of their massive search capabilities, someone at Google neglected to do a quick search of the Bible.

    The latest project from Google is a "cross-platform messaging service" , which Google has inexplicably called Google Babel.

    If you've ever read the Bible or gone to Sunday School or had even a passing familiarity with Christianity, you may recognize the word "Babel" from the story of the Tower of Babel, the Biblical account of another project that had become so massive that its human builders believed they stood above God Himself.

    Let that soak in.

    The result of this act of hubris was typical wrath of God stuff. Languages separated, people spread across the earth, global communication disrupted, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

    Exactly what you think of in a good messenger program!

    So, is there just nobody at Google who knows enough about the Bible to step up and say, "Hey, guys? Not sure 'ultimate act of the hubris of man that made God put his foot down' is really the branding we want to go for here."

    Or maybe they were like "Those idiots that made the tower didn't know what they were doing! Let's show everyone what REAL hubris looks like!"

    While Google tries to figure out how to give God the finger, let's take a look back at a few other confusing Google brands that didn't make the cut.