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    21 Faces All People That Catch The Feels First Will Understand

    Christ Jesus, not again.

    1. When you spy a potential new bae.

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    2. And you realise he's single.


    3. You start hanging out and you're like "I don't know what you're saying but I bet your dick's more than 6 inches".


    4. Everything's going well and then your feels knock on the door, begging to be let in.

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    5. And you're trying desperately to push them back inside.


    Not today. Not again.

    6. In the end his pretty face just breaks you and your feels come out in full force.

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    7. He touches your leg and on the outside you're like:


    8. But on the inside you're like...

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    9. He doesn't mind getting changed in front of you because he doesn't know you got a mad crush on him yet so you're just like:


    10. You see him like someone else's Instagram picture and you're just not about it.


    11. You get drunk and just want to talk about him to whoever will listen.


    12. Your best friend's like "fuck sake, here we go again".

    13. He thinks you're just friends so he starts discussing his latest bang.


    14. He starts giving you the explicit details and you just don't really know what to do with yourself / life.

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    15. He asks why you're crying and you're like "I'm not crying I'm just allergic."


    When really all you wanna say is "BECAUSE YOU DID DOGGY WITH SOMEONE THAT WASN'T ME!"

    16. And then you get home and let your real feels out.


    17. You've had enough of holding it in and decide to tell him and it's awkward AF so you just sit there like "why you playing me like this Jesus?"


    18. He clearly doesn't feel the same way and you're like "yeah same lol".

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    19. But then he points out that you were obviously being serious and you just don't see any way out of the situation.


    Let's move on, shall we?

    20. You agree to move on as friends. You have to pretend to be okay with that but really you're not.

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    21. He eventually gets married and asks you to be bridesmaid and you're in the middle like "I am so happy for you."


    Inside you're hoping his plane crashes on the honeymoon.

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