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    21 Facts You'll Know To Be True If You Know Someone Who Posts Spoilers

    TL;DR they are the worst and that's a fact.

    1. People that post spoilers are found to be amongst the most selfish people in the world.


    2. They are also found to be 34% ruder than the average person.


    3. They usually only have a small group of friends because they drive the rest away by spoiling every TV show ending.


    4. Which is fine because they find it physically impossible to keep secrets of any kind, so they make bad friends anyway.


    5. People that post spoilers have terrible social skills due to the fact they drop spoilers two minutes into a conversation.


    6. A person that posts spoilers is found to have a 120% increase in their happiness when GOT starts because they know they're about to ruin the life of an entire fandom.


    7. Beyond the ninth circle of hell is where people that post spoilers go to die.

    Warner Bros

    8. The cause of death for most of the people that post spoilers is a crime of passion.


    An enraged person, angry after reading a spoiler for their favourite TV show, commits a murder, but is found innocent by the jury who understand their motives.

    9. The souls of those that post spoilers are black with evil and hatred.


    10. Or non-existent full stop.


    This is an example of someone typing all the spoilers after watching an episode of GOT.

    11. The Lord Jesus Christ hears 412 prayers every second, asking him to forgive spoiler posters for their sins.


    12. The Lord is also frequently asked to bestow strength upon those who have had their favourite TV show ruined thanks to spoilers.

    Channel 4

    13. Despite popular belief amongst spoiler posters, they do not have primary rights to the internet.

    Logo TV

    14. And they are actually found to be some of the most blocked or muted accounts on Twitter.

    15. They are usually proud attention seekers that enjoy watching their mentions explode when they tweet a spoiler.


    16. People that post spoilers are most likely to never get laid.


    17. Which is a shame because they never have any other hobbies except ruining other people's happiness.


    This leads to extreme inactivity when GOT and OITNB comes to an end.

    18. They're also found to be more hated than slow walkers and queue jumpers.

    Summit Entertainment

    19. Intelligence services from around the world have held meetings on how best to stop people that post spoilers.


    20. They haven't come up with a resolution yet, meaning spoiler posters are still notorious.

    Dimension Films

    21. Basically it's a fact that people who post spoilers are the fucking worst.


    But it's OK because they're all going to hell anyway.

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