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    21 Pictures You Will Be Utterly Baffled By If You're A Straight Man

    It's hard out here for a gay.

    1. Looking at a detailed dating app profile.

    2. Being presented with the proof that romance is not dead.

    3. Being terrorised by blank profiles.

    *blank Grindr profile that’s 60 metres away* “I liked your jacket the other day"

    4. Being offered minimum wage when you know your talents are worth so much more.

    Via Twitter: @RussellFalcon


    5. Never having to find an actual toilet.

    6. I mean, this is seriously a problem that straight people will never understand.

    7. Straight men will never understand the moment when you've over-hyped your skills and you're not sure what to do next.

    When you lied about your power-bottom credentials to impress on Grindr, but it's too late to back out now.

    8. Being taught alternative and unwanted maths lessons.

    9. Having to speak dog to understand a compliment.

    10. Being asked the most intimate questions by absolute strangers.

    11. Receiving these messages as a way of greeting.

    12. Being lied to and deceived.

    when his grindr profile says 6'2 but he's 5'8

    13. Not being allowed to cuddle in clothes.

    14. Being introduced to rod polishers.

    15. Not even having to say anything because one person has got the conversation covered.

    Via Twitter: @Texastroika

    Then again, this guy is straight so maybe straight men can relate, idk.

    16. Not being able to do laundry in peace.

    17. Being asked for vanity favours.

    18. Looking at dicks as far as the eye can see.

    me looking at all these dick pics on Grindr

    19. Encountering casual racism.

    Via Twitter: @NacidoVillano

    Lol sorry, can't ignore the white man.

    20. Being in an eternal struggle.

    21. But idk, maybe straight men can understand this picture.

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