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    25 Pictures That Will Confirm You Are Definitely Scared Of Heights

    I dare you to get to the end of this post. Double dare.

    Before we go any further I just have to say that obviously DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS STUFF AT HOME.

    OK, ready to get going?

    1. Listen, being scared of heights is a perfectly reasonable thing because JUST FUCKING LOOK.

    2. But y'know, not everybody is afraid of heights.

    3. Which is why they casually do things like this.

    4. And this.

    5. Lol I think my heart just stopped but OK let's continue.

    6. My feet are firmly on the ground and I am terrified, wbu?

    7. At least he's just standing still in this one I guess.

    8. Lol just kidding, let's break out into a run.

    9. Nothing to worry about here, at all.

    10. A casual bike ride about 40,000,000 metres in the air.

    11. Are you still with me? OK cool, let's ramp it up a notch.

    12. Hahahaha I just cried.

    13. I can't even do a handstand on the grass but here we are.

    14. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is a lovely view and everything.

    15. But there's the small problem of being TOO HIGH OFF THE GODDAMN GROUND.

    16. There is only one thing that can go wrong here and that's everything.

    17. Hey look, one hand.

    18. Did I just get vertigo? Yes, I think I did.

    19. Man was given legs instead of wings but here we are flying through the clouds.

    20. And doing forward rolls like it's no big deal.

    21. NOPE.

    22. The "oh look I'm falling lol just kidding" skit.

    23. I have my head in my hands at this point.

    24. Scared of heights yet?

    25. Yep, me too. Goodbye.