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    16 Deep Tweets That'll Make You Laugh And Then Question Everything

    Sex and the Twitter Timeline.

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    1. Carrie Bradshaw didn't have Twitter back in her day, but if she did, she would've undoubtedly tweeted the best stuff.

    And at 1:37am when my phone lit up with that long-awaited "WYD" text, it made me wonder, "What AM I doing?"

    2. Men would've been in her mentions for days over tweets like this.

    3. But even though she'd be known for tweeting deep thoughts about the men in her life, Carrie wouldn't be afraid to get political.

    i couldn’t help but wonder… had the Russian ambassador been meeting with everybody except me?

    4. And ask the hard-hitting questions that we all should be thinking about ourselves.

    "And as our country entered World War III, I couldn't help but wonder... ... is it time to focus on World War Me?"

    5. But the politics would be brief because goddammit there are more important questions to be asked.

    "And I couldn't help but wonder... if he was willing to share a Google Doc, why wasn't he willing to share his life…

    6. Like which is the greater vice?

    "as i sit here, dickless in january, i wonder what is worse. alcoholism or hoeism. is dick really something i want…

    7. And truthfully, do you really need to wear a coat tonight?

    I couldn't help but wonder, do hoes really never get cold or is it being a hoe is just a seasonal activity?

    8. That feeling when you've taken 104 selfies but your front camera isn't agreeing with you? We've all been there tbh.

    Pretty hurts, sang Beyoncé. But as the front facing flash hit my face after another night of rejection, I wonder: d…

    9. There would be debates.

    I couldn't help but wonder: In an administration where everyone is at risk of being fired, is it better to be Comey…

    10. There would be RTs galore, probably.

    "As I poured my all into yet another unhealthy coping mechanism, I wondered: am I mentally unstable, or are memes t…

    11. Carrie would single-handedly change the mainstream.

    "Big titties, big butt too," I rapped along to Nicki. But I wondered: will average bodies and crippling anxiety eve…

    12. And of course, she'd be up to the minute with the latest memes.

    and i couldn't help but wonder, was everyone covfefe

    13. Yes, Carrie would be one of those people dropping RuPaul's Drag Race spoilers on the TL.

    As I watched Valentina sashay away, I couldn't help but wonder...was I refusing to remove MY mask too?

    14. We'd be able to live out her relationship dramas live.

    after every man in my life had left me, I couldn't help but wonder, was it time to crack open a cold one with mysel…

    15. Which would make Carrie the queen of all social media.

    "and as i watched the YouTube @Dove autoplay ad, i couldn't help but wonder, would Mr. Big ever love the Big Bottle…

    16. If only SATC would do a remake to prove it.

    I couldn't help but wonder...Was *this* the future liberals wanted?

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