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25 Struggles Everybody Who Was Useless At Science In School Will Remember

E=MC² isn't just a Mariah Carey album?

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2. Then the teacher said, "Get out your textbooks," and you realised you were sadly mistaken.

High school has really disappointed me, I though I'd get to blow more things up in science classes


6. And when you got to the space or sex ed unit, you thought all your Christmases had come at once.

8. You couldn't really tell the difference between reflection and refraction.

at what angle does the light reflect and refract through my salt water tears also calculate the horizontal distance it falls onto my test


10. When the Bunsen burners came out, you thought shit was about to go down.

13. The only thing you knew about acids and alkalis was that the pH scale was kinda pretty.

We made a pretty pH scale 😊🌈 #science

15. At some point, your teacher would set fire to the table...

ok so my science teacher just set fire to the table.. why would u do that sir


18. The worst part was they were actually good at them all and made it look easy.

23. Then you left school and realised science is actually incredible.