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19 Things You'll Understand If You Have A Young Mum


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1. At some point your mum has been mistaken for your sibling.

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2. Or even worse, someone assumed you were older than her.


3. Now your mum refuses to let this go and often gloats about it.


4. Your mum's so young that she can actually give you valid fashion advice.

And isn't scared about letting you know when something doesn't look so good.

And isn't scared about letting you know when something doesn't look so good.

5. She's just as up to date with pop culture as you are.


Omg Mum can you please not sing aloud to risque songs that come on the radio.

6. She often hears new music and watches new tv shows and movies before you do.


7. Which means your mum is the one giving you recommendations on what to watch and listen to next.

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8. You know there's no point in trying to bullshit your mum because she knows every excuse in the book.


It wasn't that long ago when she was bullshitting to her parents.

9. When you were in school, you had to put up with people creepily saying how much they fancy your mum.


"MILF" was not a word you wanted to hear.

10. It's very possible that your friends parents are old enough to be your mum's parents.

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11. Sleepovers were always at your house when you were younger.

12. You end up questioning your social life when she seems to be going out more than you.


13. Because you're so close in age, you know you can tell your mum everything.


14. Which has lead to the odd bitching session.


15. But sometimes leads to oversharing.


16. Because you can tell your mum everything, she gives the best advice.

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17. Sometimes you think your friends prefer your mum to you.


18. Which is probably because your mum is way cooler than you are.


19. But you wouldn't change her for anything because you know your mum is the best woman in the world.