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    There Was A Mini "Twilight" Reunion For Jacob's Birthday And Fans Can't Deal

    Happy belated birthday, Taylor!

    Good news for those of you still living in 2012 when the franchise was about to end — there's just been a mini Twilight reunion!


    Yep, Monday (11 February) marked Taylor Lautner's 27th birthday and his girlfriend, Tay, threw him a surprise birthday party to celebrate.

    Brief commercial break here to ask a very important question: does Taylor (as in Lautner) just really like dating people with the same name as him? Answers on a postcard, please!

    Big Machine

    Anyway, back to regular service. In a snap posted to Taylor's Instagram account, he thanked Tay for the party, calling it his best birthday yet.

    But in one of the pictures he posted, you can see a very familiar face. Down a bit, to the left...yep, right there — hi Kristen Stewart!

    Mutual friend, CJ Romero, uploaded a much better picture of he, Kristen, and Taylor together, alongside a hilarious caption.

    Of course, fans are losing their goddamn minds over the mini-reunion.

    So, I guess it's officially time to crack out the #TeamJacob t-shirts again? Here's Taylor taking his off for no other reason than I thought it was a good way to end. You're welcome!

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