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16 Confessions From People Who Work In Porn That Might Surprise You

Butthole-tracking software is a real thing.

Everybody knows what porn is, but not many people know how it works behind the scenes. So, in the name of research, I talked to the guys at ManyVids (link NSFW, obvs) to find out what working in porn is really like.


1. Working in porn isn't as seedy as people think. There's actually a higher level of professionalism than in a lot of other places.


"I was worried that working in the adult industry would be a lot more seedy. l thought the owners would be clubby bro-types and the staff to be just out of school. Yet the professionalism is very high, with top talent and excellent management. The owners at ManyVids are extremely respectful and nice people. I just did not expect that at all."

– UI/UX lead

2. Most people had similar jobs before moving over to porn, so it's the same kind of thing but with different content.

"The art director used to work in fashion, but moved over because he found that he could have more freedom to express his creativity than previously. The support agent and the CSR (customer service representative) used to work at a bank as support agent and CSR."

– Copywriter/PR

3. There are some strange jobs that come with certain roles. For example, the graphic designer spends a lot of time photo-editing anuses.

The CW

"Photo-editing an anus is an art. There is definitely a right way to do it."

– Graphic designer

4. And what does photo-editing an anus involve exactly?

Parkwood / Columbia

"It depends on the anus, but most of it has to do with brightening the 'area'."

– Copywriter/PR

5. Butthole-tracking software is a real thing. Seriously.

"I made a butthole-tracking software to make my work more efficient. Basically video consists of a sequence of images. To modify or colour-correct part of a moving image, you cannot do it frame by frame because it would take an eternity! So you need a 'tracking device', which is something that will automatically isolate part of the image for you, like a butthole. That means that even if the butthole is moving onscreen, it will be tracked. Once isolated, you can then start to colour-correct it. Usually, I make it lighter and a bit pinker. You can track almost everything, from a mouth and eyes to a nipple or a mole."

– Videographer

6. The reason why this software exists is because the butthole is the part of the body that needs the most editing.


"It's one of the parts that needs most colour correction, along with vaginas and faces."

– Videographer

7. There are times when you need to ID people just using their genitals.

TV Land

"I once had to complete a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown request, but there were no faces involved in the video. So instead, I had to ID the guy based on his penis (skin colour, shape, etc). I've never taken such a serious look at a penis other than mine."

– Support agent

8. In case you're wondering what DMCA means, it stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and stops other "tube" sites uploading paid videos for free.


"Our videos are all paid for, so when users buy and download them, they may upload them to other tube sites (which are free). This is illegal, so we have a team that searches for those videos to take them down. It happens a lot due to the popularity of tube sites."

– Copywriter/PR

9. At ManyVids, people can pay for a custom video, where they send in a script for a model to follow, which can lead to some strange requests.


"Let’s just say a LOT of interesting stuff happens, particularly with Easy Cheese for some reason."

– Customer service representative

10. Models are allowed to set up their own mini-stores that sell things like used panties and dildos.

Miramax Films

"Once, a user who bought 'cummy panties' off a model complained that the cum didn't taste real. I mean, how are we going to test that?"

– Customer service representative

11. Writing promotional articles for porn is a little like writing cheesy erotica.


"There was this one time I had to write a promo article for a Wonder Woman parody video, and it just sounded like erotic fan-fiction. For example, 'The powerful super babe tenderly sucking a dick and having the bad guy's cock slide into her wet pussy.'"

– Copywriter

12. Sometimes it's easier to lie than tell your family that you work in the porn industry.


"The most challenging part for me after I got the job at ManyVids was coming up with a clever answer for my friends and family when they asked me where I work. I used to have a long sales pitch but it only led to more and more questions. At some point, I just had to lie. So now I just say, 'You know YouTube? Well, we're better than them.'"

– Senior business analyst

13. Having porn on your internet browser and search history is obviously normal, but that doesn't stop people from being shocked when they walk into the office.

Warner Bros

"I love seeing the faces on visitors when they walk in and we have porn on our browsers. Just a regular day, you know."

– UI/UX designer

14. Business meetings are very serious and professional, but sometimes you have to get pretty explicit.

Warner Bros

"We’ll have a product meeting, which is very serious, and then someone will say something sexual. Like this one time when we were talking about a feature and then one of the development leads said, 'Can you click on the custom titty fuck?'"

– QA lead

15. Working in porn is actually very transparent and straightforward.

Screen Gems

"I actually prefer working in porn. What you see is what you get. There are no complex relationships that involve deceptive business manoeuvres. It’s surprisingly transparent."

– Development lead

16. But for some people in the office, their job is just like working anywhere else.


"I do code. It’s business as usual."

– Front end developer