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16 Confessions From People Who Work In Porn That Might Surprise You

Butthole-tracking software is a real thing.

Everybody knows what porn is, but not many people know how it works behind the scenes. So, in the name of research, I talked to the guys at ManyVids (link NSFW, obvs) to find out what working in porn is really like.

1. Working in porn isn't as seedy as people think. There's actually a higher level of professionalism than in a lot of other places.

2. Most people had similar jobs before moving over to porn, so it's the same kind of thing but with different content.

3. There are some strange jobs that come with certain roles. For example, the graphic designer spends a lot of time photo-editing anuses.

4. And what does photo-editing an anus involve exactly?

5. Butthole-tracking software is a real thing. Seriously.

6. The reason why this software exists is because the butthole is the part of the body that needs the most editing.

7. There are times when you need to ID people just using their genitals.

8. In case you're wondering what DMCA means, it stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and stops other "tube" sites uploading paid videos for free.

9. At ManyVids, people can pay for a custom video, where they send in a script for a model to follow, which can lead to some strange requests.

10. Models are allowed to set up their own mini-stores that sell things like used panties and dildos.

11. Writing promotional articles for porn is a little like writing cheesy erotica.

12. Sometimes it's easier to lie than tell your family that you work in the porn industry.

13. Having porn on your internet browser and search history is obviously normal, but that doesn't stop people from being shocked when they walk into the office.

14. Business meetings are very serious and professional, but sometimes you have to get pretty explicit.

15. Working in porn is actually very transparent and straightforward.

16. But for some people in the office, their job is just like working anywhere else.