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    17 Things You'll Understand If You're Really Fucking Obsessed With Tinder

    To the left, to the left.

    1. You feel a little bit like God when you're swiping.

    2. You've started to mentally swipe people left or right in real life.

    3. You've mourned the loss of many hot people that you've accidentally swiped left.

    4. Whenever you swipe right, you wait in vain for three seconds hoping they've already swiped right too.

    5. You swipe right on friends just for the lols.

    6. And you take great pleasure in swiping left on a sworn enemy.

    7. At some point during the swiping process, you've probably started channelling your inner Beyoncé by singing "to the left, to the left".

    8. Nothing fills you with delight more than when you see "Congratulations! You have a new match" on your screen.

    9. But nothing is better than being "super liked".

    10. You've been horrified at the way some people start conversations.

    11. Although that's better then the people that match you and say nothing at all.

    12. The pictures on your profile are always up to date with your latest fire selfies.

    13. You spend a lot of your time looking at the loading screen.

    Tis a sad day when #tinder runs out of matches for you. #depression #happingnow

    14. In fact you're actually adamant you've swiped through all that Tinder has to offer.

    15. Which has left you thinking you will have to marry your cat.

    16. Going to a new place is always exciting, even if it's just so you can find new people to swipe.

    17. And even though you swear that Tinder is the worst, you're still hopeful that your perfect partner is just a swipe away.