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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    24 Things You'll Understand If You Think Working Out Is The Worst

    One press-up, that'll do for today.

    1. The only reason you've dragged yourself to the gym in the first place is because you feel guilty about that kebab you devoured the night before.


    There was no regret at the time and there's probably no regret now.

    2. You always tell yourself that today will be different, that today you will put in HARD. FUCKING. WORK.

    Warner Bros

    "THIS IS SPARTA" kind of work.

    3. When you arrive at the gym you don't really know what to do, so you just faff about in the locker rooms for 10 minutes "preparing" for like, everything you're going to do today.

    Warner Bros

    4. You spend an hour trying to make a playlist that will push you on through the pain.


    You could've done this before you arrived but doing it now mean you can put off having to actually do anything.

    5. You decide to start off easy and hop on the exercise bike.


    Nothing too strenuous yet. Gotta save myself for when I activate #BeastMode later.

    6. But the exercise bike has different ideas and keeps telling you to "PEDAL FASTER".

    Def Jam

    Which is fair enough really because you've basically stopped pedalling altogether to look at the man with the nice bum.

    7. When you've had enough of the exercise bike giving you attitude, you spend another 10 minutes wandering around pretending to scrutinise all of the equipment.


    I know what I'm doing, I'm just, y'know, prepping.

    8. Eventually you realise people have noticed you're not doing anything so you hop on the treadmill because that's easy enough, right?


    Lol wrong.

    9. You don't know where your hands are supposed to go, running feels incredibly awkward, and you're 90% sure the entire gym is watching you trying not to fall over.

    Warner Bros

    Rest assured, you're off the treadmill 43 seconds after you first got on it.

    10. Having put in soooo much hard work, you use the floor mats to take a five-minute breather.


    You're probably lying there for a good half an hour but hey, rest is important.

    11. When you've finally talked yourself into having some kind of dedication to the task at hand, you decide maybe a couple of sit-ups will combat the cushion hiding your abs.


    Sit-ups, I can do those!

    12. After one sit-up, you're basically done for the day.

    Jenna Marbles / Via

    13. You're sure the PTs have been watching you the entire time so you talk yourself out of leaving because you don't want to be ~that~ person.


    14. Against your better judgement, you wander over to the free weights area.

    20th Television

    I got this.

    15. You kind of just linger around the outskirts for a minute waiting for somebody to offer you a weight bench and it definitely doesn't feel incredibly awkward.


    I feel 100% in my comfort zone right now.

    16. When you finally get a weight bench, you spend a while trying to adjust the bench to what you need. This would be simple but tbh you don't have the slightest clue what you need.


    What does this knob do? Wait no, I didn't mean to do that, how do I get it back to the way it was?

    17. You don't really know what you can lift yet but you definitely don't want to seem like a wimp so you go for the weights that look like you mean business.


    Which is all well and good, but as soon as you have them off the rack, you nearly fall over with them because they're so damn heavy.

    18. Against your better judgement, you take the weights back to your bench and just kind of...sit there for a minute like, "OK, what now?"


    You decide a simple bench press should be OK so you spend five minutes shuffling, trying to lie flat.

    19. You get yourself into position and bring the weights down but then you realise it's too heavy to get back up and you can't do it on your own.


    Well this is awkward.

    20. So you end up throwing the weights to the side and start rubbing your shoulder hoping that everybody thinks you've got some long-term injury from like, bodybuilding or something.


    21. When you've been at the gym for a substantial amount of time, you leave and don't feel the need to return for at least three weeks.


    I did my time.

    22. But you'll always return because although you hate working out, at least there's nice looking people to ogle at.

    Warner Bros

    I'll have one of everybody.

    23. You might even start to enjoy going.

    Young Money

    Unlikely, but abs for summer and all that.

    24. But either way, you still fucking hate working out.

    FremantleMedia Enterprises

    Where are the kebabs?

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