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21 Tweets That Prove Instagram Is Just The Worst

Stop. Editing. Your. Pictures.

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STOP EDITING YOUR PICS, what if you go missing? How tf can we find you if you look like Beyonce on Instagram but Waka Flocka in real life?


I'm so hungry I could Instagram a horse.


Me: My dog ran away two days ago Dog pound: Does he have a tag? Me [covers phone to ask wife]: Is the dog on Instagram?


Thanks for keeping your Instagram account private. I'd hate for those pictures of your lunch to fall into the wrong hands.


Instagram is experiencing difficulties. Until further notice, please cease visually chronicling the tedious mundanities of your life.


*takes a picture of food for Instagram* Food: delete it


“Instagram announced they will allow users to see who viewed their profile…” *wakes up in cold sweat*


When your parents held you as a baby for the first time, they secretly hoped you'd end up arguing with strangers on a celebrity's Instagram.


Someone who blocked me on Twitter just added me on Instagram. If you can't love me at my bad jokes, you don't deserve me at my cat photos.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 53 times a day, you're an Instagram filter.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Elane you GOTA see the BABY ELANE: I follow you on instagram. Im gona see it


I read a sad statistic that something like 2% of all sushi goes un-Instagrammed.


I want 2 kids just in case the first one doesn't get enough likes on Instagram.


Since instagram is down I'm not sure if there was a sunrise today or if anyone ate any food? I feel lost.


Nice job Instagramming your plane ticket with enough personal information to take out a mortgage in your name.


Kids today have it easy! In the old days, before smartphones & Instagram, by the time we finished the painting, our food was already cold.


Ramadan month is exhausting. You have to wait all day to Instagram your food.


Thanks for sharing your moon with me on Instagram. We don't have a moon where I live.


Instagram now has video! I'm going to film the hell out of this salad!


Ugh Starbucks spelled my name right again and now I have nothing to Instagram.


She won't admit she's obsessed with Instagram... But her kids' names are Brannan, Kelvin, and Valencia.