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This Cyclist Somehow Survived The Most Horrific Crash

Matt Brammeier tweeted on Sunday that he's "all good in the hood" after a horrific crash at the Tour of Utah left him in hospital.

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On Saturday 8 August, Matt Brammeier was involved in a high speed crash while taking part in the Tour of Utah event.

Brammeier is a 30-year-old Irish cyclist and a five-time Irish National Champion.

As a service car turns a sharp bend, Brammeier can be seen hurtling forwards, seemingly losing control of his bike.


Despite the crash being at such high speed, Matt Brammeier managed to survive with rib and pelvic fractures.

The day after the incident, Brammeier tweeted from his hospital bed to let everybody know he was OK.

All good in the hood guys. Thanks for the messages.


He then posted a follow-up tweet, thanking everybody for their support.

Overwhelmed by all the messages guys. It really means a lot. I have a lot of special people out there. Thank you all.

While Brammeier didn't have the best time in Utah, he was happy to be on his way home to see his loved ones.

Can say that won't go down as one of my most enjoyable trips, but so happy to be on the way home to the people that matter to me most.