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    19 Things You'll Just Get If You're Gay In Manchester

    Gay Sainsburys – if you know, you know.

    1. Manchester's a very gay city. It sometimes feels like 1 in 3 men are homos.

    2. A lot of gay men in Manchester have migrated from smaller northern cities and towns, like Leeds and Sheffield.

    3. If you're gay in Manchester, there's a strong chance you live in Salford or a converted warehouse in Ancoats / Castlefield.

    4. Summer sees 25% of the gay community go home for summer because term is finished.

    5. But September is always fun because they all come back with new recruits.

    6. Generally drinking on a gay night out is much cheaper than drinking on a straight night.

    7. Which is why going out in Deansgate is the worst.

    8. But going to Thompsons is the best.

    9. You probably get slightly turned on by the Batman and Superman mural outside GAY.

    10. Your nights either end at 5am in Cruz or 10am in Void, there's usually no in-between.

    11. But a night doesn't truly end unless you've been to McTuckey's or the McDonald's round the corner.

    12. Gay people in Manchester are also blessed to have the Village Angels, for those nights when you're a bit worse for wear.

    Village Angels are out in Manchester's Gay Village tonight until 3am, for help and support. #LGBT #villageangels

    13. Going out in Northern Quarter is like a whole new homoerotic experience.

    Manchester Northern Quarter can look beautiful at times! Those colours.

    14. August bank holiday means you can officially turn your gaydar off. Any homo in the city can be recognised by the brightly coloured pride wristband.

    15. Living in Manchester, you feel kind of happy when you see one of the rainbow flagstones painted on the pavement.

    16. Tops Buffet lends itself well to making a top or bottom joke.

    17. Going to Pure Gym or The Gym is basically just an ABC of gay men.

    18. And there's also a "gay Sainsburys" for you to do your weekly shop in.

    19. All in all, being gay in Manchester is pretty amazing.