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19 People Who Will Be Taking Their Segway Straight Back To The Store

The robots will finally be our undoing.

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1. This casual cruiser, who probably won't be so casual next time.


2. This uncle, who should've just stayed on the sidelines and watched.

3. This police officer, who proved Segways are apparently above the law.

4. This guy, whom the Segway clearly wasn't finished with after the first fail.

5. This poor child, who fell victim to the Segway twice.

6. This woman, who really should've been keeping her eyes on the road at all times.

7. This guy, who celebrated too soon.

8. This girl, who unfortunately was unfriended by the girl on the right after she completely wiped her out.

9. This woman, who clearly does ~not~ believe in the selfless act of wiping out alone.

Oh no, she wants to take everybody down with her.

10. This guy, who should've just kept to the Segway's natural terrain.

11. This guy, whose parents clearly never yelled "NOT IN THE HOUSE" when he was a child.

12. This person, who will definitely be confiscating the Segway from his son.

13. This guy, who at least styled his fail out pretty casually.

14. This poor soul, who failed in front of all of his friends.

15. This guy, whose attempt at being a fancy-pants backfired pretty massively.

16. This guy, who had three wheels and still couldn't stay upright.

17. This woman, who proved sometimes it's not the best idea to try something twice.

18. This guy, who couldn't even hide his fail because of that bright yellow "LOOK AT ME" T-shirt.

19. And finally this woman, who not only failed, but did so in slow motion.