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Michael B. Jordan Saw A Shady Tweet About Himself And His Clapback Was Hilarious

"First of all..."

If you didn't know Michael B. Jordan before Black Panther, then 1) you weren't really living, and 2) you definitely do now.

Because if you've been using the internet at all since Black Panther was released, you'll know that everybody is thirsting so goddamn hard over him atm.

if you a grown man and can't admit michael b jordan made you hard during black panther we can't relate

Anyway, someone on Twitter had clearly had enough of the fact Michael Bae Jordan was receiving all of the thirst without sharing it, and so tried to tweet a few "facts".

Michael B Jordan Is A 5’9” Adult Man That Loves Anime & Lives With His Parents....Y’all Told Me All Of Those Things Were Unacceptable Though

But you should know better than to come for Killmonger. Michael was not having it at all, and replied with an expert "first of all..." clapback.

Did you hear that? Michael Bae Jordan is a whole 6 feet. His parents live with HIM, not the other way round. And yes, he loves anime.

To say people loved it was an understatement.

@michaelb4jordan put some respect on our collective baby daddy’s name

@michaelb4jordan I can’t control myself.

@michaelb4jordan The hero we need but don’t deserve.

Even Chrissy Teigen had a LOL about it.

@michaelb4jordan Yes I’m sure those are the ONLY differences between you and him lol

So next time you think of coming for Michael Bae Jordan... Don't.