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    Shaquille O'Neal Just Shared The Hilariously Awkward Story Of How His Credit Card Got Declined

    "I know I'm not broke."

    Not only is Shaquille O'Neal a legendary basketball player, he's also a pretty funny guy. But don't take my word for it, instead read the story of how he tried to spend SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in Walmart but his credit card got DECLINED.


    Sorry for the caps, just pointing out the important parts. Let's continue...

    Appearing on The Late Late Show alongside Victoria Beckham, Shaquille told James Corden how when he moved to Phoenix, he went on a shopping trip to Walmart at 3am to buy all the essentials for his new apartment.


    What kind of essentials are we talking? Oh nothing big, just four or five TVs, couple of printers and laptops, as well as appliances, sheets, and underwear. You know, all the basics!


    Victoria looks as shook as I feel.

    And by the time he'd finished, the haul came to a very casual and not at all ridiculous $70,000.


    There was just one problem – aside from Shaquille even being able to even spend that much money in Walmart in the first place – when he tried to pay, his credit card got declined!


    So naturally Shaquille did what any normal person would do when their card gets declined – took it out, gave it a blow and a wipe, and popped it back in.

    But the card didn't get declined just once, it got declined a second time. So again, Shaq did what us regular folk do and told the cashier that he definitely had money in his account.


    Except Shaq probably actually had money in his account...

    That's when he received a call from the security team at American Express, who were obviously very panicked thinking that somebody had stolen Shaquille's credit card and gone on a massive spending spree.


    But once the confusion was cleared up, they turned his credit card back on, and we can assume Shaq went on his merry way with his four or five TVs, printers, laptops, and appliances.


    It's always nice to be reminded that celebrities are just like us, right?

    Gold Bond Medicated

    You can watch the full interview here:

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