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16 Dance Moves All Awkward People Can Use At A Party

Take it away, Taylor. Show us how it's done.

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1. So first, you start with sitting-down dance movements.

2. Nothing fancy, like this. We're not there yet.

Big Machine

3. Really feel the flow and movement of your arms. You're sitting down, so not much can go wrong.


If it goes wrong at this point, just go home and try again another time.

4. Once you're feeling the groove a bit more, introduce some shoulders.


Not too much, just a little to let people know you're feeling life right now.

5. Now you're feeling a bit more comfortable, it's time to stand up. Nothing big, just a bit of a sway to the beat.

6. And don't forget those arms. If you keep the majority of movement up there, you can't really go ~that~ wrong.

7. Once you're feeling yourself a bit more (or you've had more alcoholic beverages), then start to do a bit of a bop.


A bop is just a bounce. Like real casual, "Don't mind me, just bopping" type thing.

8. Now we're gonna test some waters. You can do it, don't stress!

9. Pretend for just one teeny tiny second that nobody is watching and really feel yourself.

10. See, it's not so bad, huh? Once you've quenched your vodka thirst, maybe throw dramatics into the mix.

11. Really bring out your sass. Now is your time.

12. If you've reached this point, you're going to be feeling better about your dance talents and will probably have started to move around the room a bit more.


13. Maybe find a friend to dance with – it will make you feel much more comfortable.

14. And then forget about that friend and go it alone.


15. Feel the rhythm in your hips like you're gonna get you some good loving tonight.

16. Alternatively, if none of these appeal, you can just sit and laugh at everyone else that's trying.


But we really recommend you join in. Dance the night away, my friend!