Rihanna Just Trolled Us All By Saying She's Listening To Her New Album And Not Letting Us Have It

    "Update: Me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it."

    Rihanna is at it again.

    If you're even a vague fan of the former singer, then you'll probably already know that I mean she's trolling everybody about the most-talked-about album to never exist.

    Yep, despite PROMISING that she would release her ninth album before the end of the year, the days are counting down and there's still no new music in sight.

    And at this point, Rih is enjoying dangling it over our heads. Just look at her latest Instagram post for proof.

    The video shows a dog bopping away to music, a concept that Rihanna fans have forgotten about at this point, but it was the caption that truly slapped me across the face.

    But of course, fans aren't taking this trolling lying down. Nope, they're putting on their private investigation hats and deciphering the post/caption for clues.

    FIRST OF ALL, it sounds like the album is finished, so it could drop at any point. Will it be a surprise release? Or is Rihanna double-bluffing us and there's actually no album at all?

    Clue 2: Rihanna left an Instagram comment on December 22 2018 saying that R9 would be released the following year.

    🚨 #R9 alert: Rihanna confirmed on Instagram that her new album is dropping in 2019 🚨

    Yes, that's very vague but it was a glimmer of hope at least.

    It just so happens that Rihanna posted the video saying she's listening to the album exactly a year later, on December 22 2019. 👀

    Also, let's just recall what happened when Rihanna said she was listening to Anti before she released it in 2016 — she dropped the album a couple of days later.

    Her own brother is telling her to just drop the damn thing.

    Listen to your little brother @rihanna

    And Rihanna's choreographer posted on Instagram to say that she's waiting in the wings...

    .@ParrisGoebel via Instagram stories. #R9

    So, all signs point to Rih dropping the album in a matter of days, but it's also equally likely that she'll announce Fenty slippers instead, so let's try and remain calm.