Rihanna Is Releasing Fenty Handcuffs With Her Lingerie And Fans Are Losing Their Damn Minds

    Fenty everything tbh.

    Robyn. Rihanna. Fenty.

    Sometimes I actually sit and stare into the middle distance, thankful that I get to live in a time where she exists.

    I've been doing this a little more often lately because Rih is really giving us everything. For a start, she was on the cover of the latest Vogue issue.

    Then she hit up the Met looking like the actual Pope and absolutely killed the red carpet.

    And let's not forget about her lingerie line, which is being released tomorrow!!!!!!

    Vogue announced that the Savage X Fenty line will consist of 90 items, including four capsule collections, bras, underwear, robes, and... handcuffs.

    That's right, Rihanna is releasing FENTY HANDCUFFS.

    Obviously once fans realised, they started losing their damn minds.

    @FentyStats When he pull out the $29 Fenty handcuffs

    can't wait to put on my fenty panty and my fenty bra with my fenty corset and my fenty robe and my fenty handcuffs to fall asleep at 7.30 pm

    Buying the Fenty handcuffs even though I ain’t got no one or a sex life

    @FentyStats handcuffs? miss fenty has decided to show miss vicky with the secrets EXACTLY what needs to be done. we love a teacher! https://t.co/8y9dc4gd7N

    wow you really think I’m gonna buy Fenty handcuffs? You got me fucked up because I absolutely am

    If (when) I get arrested they better use Fenty handcuffs

    Rihanna has us shaken once again.

    The Savage X Fenty lingerie collection releases 11 May.