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    Rihanna Went To A Wedding And Ducked When The Bride Threw Her Bouquet Into The Crowd

    Not today, thank you!

    I say it every time I write about her, but Rihanna is a queen and I feel like it's just common courtesy to remind people of that from time to time.

    Hector Retamal / AFP / Getty Images

    So what has Rihanna been up to recently? Well, she attended her best friend's wedding in Barbados, where she was a bridesmaid.

    And tbh, the whole thing looked like a great time.

    But a video from the night just hit Twitter and it made me DIE when I saw it. It showed the moment Rihanna's friend, Sonita, threw her wedding bouquet into the crowd and Rihanna literally ducks to avoid it.

    Rihanna petty 💀 She ducked when her bestfriend threw the wedding bouquet 😭😭

    Let's take a closer look shall we? Sonita throws the flowers, Rihanna basically dives to the floor, and then just casually walks away like nothing happened.

    Now in case you're wondering why I thought this was hilarious, it's somewhat of a wedding myth that the person who catches the bride's bouquet will be the next person to get married, and judging by the way Rihanna dodged those flowers, it's clear she maybe doesn't have marriage on the brain.


    And apparently I'm not the only person who can relate, because people thought it was hilarious.

    rihanna ducked during the bouquet toss at sonita’s wedding 😭😭😭 my girl

    At her friends wedding, Rihanna ducked when she threw the bouquet 😂 if that ain’t me🤣🤣

    This comes a couple of months after Rihanna hit the headlines for apparently dumping her boyfriend because she was tired of men, which is a BIG mood I can absolutely relate to.

    We don't deserve you, Rihanna!


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