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24 Times Beyoncé's Instagram Gave Us All Relationship Goals

Also private jet and luxury yacht goals, but mainly relationship goals.

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1. It's common knowledge that Beyoncé and Jay Z have been together for a really really long time.

2. And it's also common knowledge that the pair of them are peak relationship goals.

3. Seriously, they're adorable.

4. So adorable, it could bring a smile to even the coldest of hearts.

Just look at their, "We know we cute" faces.

5. If there's one thing Bey's Instagram teaches us, it's that you should always pose together.

You need to get the whole "We're real cute but we're not playing" pose down for it to be effective at making other people jealous.

6. There's been actual scientific research* that proves couples who pose together, stay together.

*Not like, actual scientific research, but it's probably true. Just ask the Carters.

8. Not only are the couple perfect at posing together...

9. ...they're perfect at winning together.

Nobody else won a Grammy that night, clearly.

10. The Carters often just casually rent a luxury yacht and take mini breaks wherever takes their fancy.

Here's Jay, probably contemplating how perfect they are while smoking a cigar that costs more than the average house.

11. And while they're on these yachts, Bey usually uploads a couple selfies, just to remind you where your relationship aspirations come from.

12. In fact, Beyoncé is pretty talented in the art of being subtle about the whole relationship goals thing.

Like in this picture, where she was pretending she wanted you to look at the wine glass but really wanted you to see the iceberg that sunk the Titanic on her ring finger.

13. Bey actually uploads some regular couple pictures, like the general, "Here are our shoes" picture.

Our trainers are ~never~ actually that clean, but if you ignore that then it's just like us.

14. But then she goes back to breaking all our hearts.

Seriously Bey, too many feels.

15. They sometimes go to see a basketball game and share a giggle, which doesn't break our hearts at all.

Probably just laughing at the fact they're basically perfect, let's be honest.

16. As a couple, they're actually really sensitive to other couples feelings, like when they turned up over an hour late to the Met Gala red carpet so as not to embarrass any other couple with how flawless they were on the night.

They were actually late because apparently Bey changed her dress last minute, but also probably because of the whole embarrassing other couples thing.

17. Jay Z was also on hand to lend support when Bey performed a one-song-concert in front of a million people.

OK so it was actually Barack Obama's second inauguration, whatever.

18. And the only thing more adorable then the pair of them together? The pair of them together with their daughter.

Queen Blue Ivy Carter, First of Her Name.

19. How could you not see this picture and want to actually have Bey's life?

Again, on a yacht because when you're Bey and Jay, you do this regularly.

20. We all want to be able to post a picture to Instagram of our husband carrying our daughter to our private jet.

It'll probably never happen, but we can dream.

21. Let's not even get started on this.

22. Everybody should want their man to look at them like this.

OK so he's looking at her butt, but that's beside the point.

23. They were "Crazy in Love" waaaaaay back in 2002.

24. And they're still "Crazy in Love" now.

Relationship goals forever.