19 Pictures That Prove Barack Obama Is So Goddamn Handsome

    I won't say "daddy" but I can't lie and say I wasn't thinking it.

    1. So let's just state facts for a minute – Barack Obama is handsome as hell.

    2. Let's start with the smile. That glorious goddamn smile.

    3. A smile so fantastically full of joy and happiness it's almost impossible not to smile back.

    4. He looks fantastic in a tux. Like, James Bond wishes.

    5. But let's look beyond that perfect face, difficult as it may be. For one, Barack Obama is intelligent.

    6. He's powerful.

    7. Even though he's the president, Obama actually knows how to have fun too.

    8. Not to mention he's in touch with his emotions.

    9. He's gracious, even in the most difficult of situations.

    10. Obama can dance, and we all low-key love a man that can dance, right?

    11. And he can be just really chill.

    12. In case you didn't already think he was perfect (you'd be lying to yourself but sure), Barack Obama loves dogs.

    13. And that's super important because is a man even that perfect if he doesn't like dogs?

    14. Remember when Obama flew to London and met Prince George? Cute AF. Even lil George is shook.

    15. On top of all this, Obama is a family man.

    16. He appreciates his goddamn wife.

    17. In fact, he just appreciates women in general.

    18. Not forgetting that he's an incredible friend, too.

    19. And even after eight whole years of running America, he still manages to look dad AF.