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22 Things You'll Just Get If You're From Peterborough

Where's Peterborough? Does anybody know?

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7. You appreciate being able to drive, even if it is just because getting to the cinema is no longer a ball ache.

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Remember being a teenager when nobody could drive and having to depend on somebody's parents to drive you to the Showcase?


9. You've probably been to see at least one panto at the Key Theatre or The Cresset.

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11. Late night shopping at Queensgate is as crazy as Peterborough gets.

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Shops close at 8pm, it's seriously wild stuff.


13. The Willow Festival is the pinnacle of Peterborough's social calendar.

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17. Out of the three clubs in the Edwards building, Flares is where it's really at.

loving life in Flares #90s #Peterborough

20. Or if you never went to Activity World for a birthday party.

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21. Walking around Ferry Meadows always seems like a good idea until you actually start.

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Too much walking.